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What is the ice thermal storage system?
The ice thermal storage system is an air-conditioning system that operates the freezer at night (10:00PM-08:00AM) to solve the electric power shortage during the day, turns water into ice, saves it in the thermal storage tank, and circulates cold and heat generated by melting ice during the day. It is an ice-making device used to make ice in a cold storage air-conditioning system.
Characteristics of the ice thermal storage system
1. Save on operation cost (use of night electric power)
2. Reduced freezer facility capacity (no need for large capacity as it stores heat)
3. Smooth response to peak electric power load
4. Efficient management of energy
5. Smooth response to and prevention of blackdown
6. Simple manipulation with automated control
Ice thermal storage system
Explanation : One can achieve the effect of smooth heat transfer of the heat storage waterway by always circulating and moving the freezer oil inside the ice marking part. This is for its smooth emission without stagnation. We provide an ice making device for an improved cold storage air-conditioning system and improved ice making efficiency from the above process. This invention can reduce load of simultaneously operating parts. This also enables smooth division of the ice created by placing scrappers placed on the upper and lower parts of the ice making part at different intervals. This in consideration of the ice forming speed of the refrigerant discharge axis and that of the refrigerant insertion axis. It thus provides an improved ice making apparatus for air-conditioning systems to improve the overall efficiency of the systems.
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